The Element of Classical Teaching

Element #3: Classical Teaching


Not ready for the full course ‘The 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling?’ Are you simply interested in digging into one specific module first? Then enrolling in one of the individual modules is the perfect option for you.

In this module, you will encounter a clear, delightful, and approachable introduction to the ideas taught in the full course by working through the Introductory Module.

In module 3: The Element of Classical Teaching, we answer the question “How do we teach classically?” Studying this element gives us access to the skills, ideas, and knowledge we need to successfully teach anything, in a way that cultivates wisdom and virtue. This module is thorough, helpful, and full of thoughtful teaching and embodied examples. Learn more in the full description below.


Product Description

Element #3: Classical Teaching is a module course within the complete course: ‘The 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling.’ This module course includes two modules, in their entirety, from the complete course. The Introductory Module and Module 3: The Element of Classical Teaching.

Introductory Module

Each module course includes the Introductory Module for Free. The Introduction of this course is one of the most important lessons because it sets the tone for everything you will encounter in the 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling. This lesson helps you simply experience the classical tradition for yourself through stories and discussion and shows you how to think about and make the most out of this course.

The Element of the Classical Course of Study Module

The Element of Classical Teaching, answers the question “How do I teach classically?” Studying this element gives us access to the skills, ideas, and knowledge we need to successfully teach anything, in a way that cultivates wisdom and virtue. No more wondering what to do on Monday morning, it is time to know and have the skills to do it.

Module Features

  • Includes the main lesson, a reflect lesson, and a practice lesson
  • Presents the three things a teacher/homeschool mom can teach
  • Begin learning how to teach each liberal art
  • Understand the main methods of classical teaching: Mimetic and Socratic teaching, presenting living ideas, and narration
  • Tips and considerations for teaching specific arts based on where you are in your classical homeschool journey
  • Acess to numerous real examples of classical teaching
  • Skills and Milestones checklists for grades 1-12
  • 50-page Downloadable Workbook
  • Private course forum to ask questions, discuss ideas, and receive support.
  • LIVE Monthly Q&A and Discussion
  • MP3 Downloads of the Introductory and Module 3 Lessons
  • Engaging lessons that explain how the element of classical teaching works and how to think about it.
  • Thoughtful questions and challenges to deepen your understanding and experience with classical teaching
  • Clear explanations and directions for how to practice classical teaching.
  • Copious tips, links, and resources for further study for the Element of Classical Teaching.


About the Complete Course

The 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling Complete Course is a self-paced online course for homeschooling parents. The complete course will help you gain the skills, knowledge, and understanding you need to cultivate a vibrant classical homeschool consistent with the Christian Classical Liberal Arts Tradition. The entire course explores the 5 Elements of classical homeschooling. Each element reveals a set of questions we must all explore, reflect on, and practice if we are to lead successful classical homeschools and then leads you through exploring those questions, reflecting on them, and practicing their answers.


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